Central Office

Levying, collection, supervision, detection and monitoring are the core duties of the tax and customs regions of the Tax and Customs Administration. Since 1 January 2006, these duties have also included the payment of income-related benefits.

The Tax and Customs Administration/Central Office (B/CA) is responsible for the execution of the bulk and central part of these processes of the Tax and Customs Administration. This involves administrative duties - from dispatching and processing the various tax returns to dispatching notifications in this respect - and bulk (supervisory) duties.

From receiving to notifying

Three quarters of all tax returns, remittances and payments are handled via an automated system. B/CA supervises these operations, ensuring that the various processes remain clear and manageable. B/CA also deals with the tax returns and notifications that cannot be handled automatically. The tax returns that require extra attention are forwarded by B/CA to the tax offices. In addition, B/CA regulates the moments when the computer centre processes the data received from third parties. In this way, B/CA covers the whole spectrum from receiving to imparting information. Within these bulk processes, B/CA wants to provide tailor-made service where possible. Speed, completion time, continuity and efficiency are key concepts in this respect.

Every Dutchman is a customer

B/CA combines all processes as regards the collection, registration and storage of data, the automatic processing of that data and its preparation for the notification process. Thus, the client base of B/CA quickly consists of 12 million people, which is nearly all of the Netherlands.