Submitting a change of address

Private individuals

You do not need to submit a change of address to the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration. If you change address, you notify your municipal authority. The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration uses the municipal authority's data, and is thus automatically updated on your change of address.

If you do not live in The Netherlands

If you live abroad, you can use a special form to inform the tax office about a change of address. 
You can download the form: Submitting a change of address.

Please note:

If you wish to use a postal address that is not the same as your home address, you need to send a letter to the tax office that handles your tax affairs (only available in Dutch).


As a business owner, you must notify the Chamber of Commerce of your change of address. The Chamber of Commerce will forward the information to us.

Please note:

It is possible that you have a postal address that is not the same as the address where your business is located. In some cases the Netherlands Tax and Customs Authority does send post, such as a final notice or user name and password, to your business location.