Transport by rail (valid until April 30, 2016)

Simplified procedures exist for the international transport of goods by rail. Amongst other things, the simplifications result from the 'International convention on the facilitation of the cross-border carriage of goods transported by rail'.

As regards the simplifications, Customs makes a distinction between the transport of goods by rail and the transport of large containers, whether or not by rail. To make this transport as simple as possible, harmonisation has been sought with the consignment notes which the transport companies (such as the railway companies) use when carrying goods. Briefly put, the simplifications mean that:

  • the rail documents, consignment note and transfer note may be used as customs transit declarations
  • the railway companies may act as declarants
  • no formalities have to be fulfilled when the goods enter and leave the EU
  • no transit advice note has to be submitted
  • no seals need to be affixed, unless a particular type of good is carried
  • the railway companies also take care that the goods carried arrive in time and undamaged at the place of destination, which completes the customs transit procedure

The transport of goods by rail usually takes place under cover of an international rail consignment note CIM or, in case of transport in large containers, a TR transfer note.

Please note!

In order to use these simplifications, you will need an authorisation.

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