Other regulations

There are also some other procedures for transport methods, including TIR, ATA, by mail, Rhine navigation and military. These forms are covered under this heading.

TIR transport

You can use the ‘TIR Carnet’ for the transport of goods leaving an EU country bound for countries outside of the EU or to another EU country if the transport route is via a non-EU country. You can also use the ‘TIR carnet’ to transport goods from a non-EU country to an EU country.


ATA carnet

You can use the ‘ATA carnet’ for the entry, import, export and exit of designated goods (Customs Manual 18.00.00, annexe 18, e.g.: professional equipment, exhibition goods, educational and scientific materials, goods for use with experiments, demonstrations or trails, samples, replacement production means).


Postal procedure

You are not required to declare postal consignments that enter, exit or are transported provided that they are 'under the responsibility of the mail'.


Rhine navigation

Under the Rhine Navigation Treaty customs transport can take place over the Rhine and Rhine waterways without security.


Military consignments

The Netherlands is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The basis for customs exemptions that can be granted to NATO headquarters, divisions and foreign armed forces is laid down in international conventions.


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