Provisioning and bunkering

If you wish to bring provisions or bunkering aboard a seagoing vessel, you should first inform Customs. You should report the consignment no later than 2 hours before delivery of the goods on board by completing the Provisions Notification Form (Meldingsformulier proviand / bunkers) (only available in Dutch). You can send the form by e-mail or by fax.

You then need not to present the goods to the customs office but can bring them directly on board at the time you have indicated.

If you submitted a notification by e-mail or fax, you may be asked to submit all documents. If you have an electronic data interchange authorisation for provisions, you may, after you have submitted the notification, be asked to submit all documents in digital form. By the next business day, you deliver the customs declarations and/or the electronic Administrative Documents (e-ADs) to the National Provisions Reporting Centre (Centraal meldpunt proviand).

For all harbours in The Netherlands provisioning should be reported to:
Centraal meldpunt proviand
Douane Rotterdam Haven
Kantoor Maasvlakte
Bosporusstraat 5
3199 LJ Maasvlakte Rotterdam

Telehone: +31 (0)181 373 627 or +31 (0)181 37 37 37
Fax number: +31 (0)181 373 912
Email address:

Some messages should be reported to

  • notice for supply of bunkers to sea going vessels
  • messages from another EU member state for intended deliveries of sea bunkers in the Netherlands

Office Hours

Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day.

Electronic messaging for bringing provisions or bunkering aboard a seagoing vessel

You can use an electronic data interchange authorisation for provisions to submit electronic notifications for intended deliveries of provisions via the Customs Manifest automation system. As everything is processed automatically, the processing time will be quicker. In this 'provisions notification', you can refer to the relevant (re-)export and transit declarations.

Do you submit this notification for goods that are placed under the customs (re-)export procedure? After departure of the outgoing means of transport, a 'confirmation of exit' message will be generated.

Do you submit this notification for goods that are placed under the customs transit procedure? And do you have an NCTS Authorised Consignee permit? In that case, you need not send in the accompanying document.

You can apply for permission to do electronic notifications for planned deliveries of supplies through the automation Customs Manifest. You ask that permit using the form: Application Electronic data interchange authorisation for provisions.

More Information

There are a number of specific regulations pertaining to provisioning. If you have any further questions, please call the Central Reporting Centre for Provisioning or the Customs Information Line.

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